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37th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference 2015
The Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference seeks to advance the sexual health and well-being of Canadians and the global community by providing evidence-based information, education and training designed to engage practitioners in diverse fields related to sexual health.

Latest News

Speaker Spotlight – Lynx Sainte-Marie

Get to know one of our speakers a little bit more through our speaker spotlight! Here’s Lynx Sainte-Marie: What got you involved in this field?   I became involved in sexual health and other sexy things last year when my friend and fellow activist Sophia Banks asked me to participate in a presentation called Understanding [...]

Have you noticed this years art?

Have you noticed our new art?  The Guelph Sexuality Conference Program Committee looked high and low for the right graphic, that would sum up our theme Bodies: Resistance, liberation, health and pleasure to no avail.  We were thrilled to come upon Collingwood artist, Bill Barlow, who has had a love of bodies and representing them [...]

Speaker Spotlight – Luna Allison

Get to know one of our speakers a little bit more through our speaker spotlight! Here’s Luna Allison: What got you involved in this field? I had been working with youth as an arts educator for several years, and in my personal life had been doing LGBTQ advocacy and kink education, but I had never [...]

2015 Schedule

No upcoming events have been scheduled.

What do you see?

We loved working with Collingwood Artist Bill Barlow to develop the artwork you see featured in our conference materials. We hope this image brings to mind a diversity of bodies and relationships while leaving lots of room for personal interpretation and imagination.

Guelph Sexuality Conference Artwork by Bill Barlow

Commissioned Artwork by Bill Barlow, 2015

Conference Sponsor

Trojan Sponsor of the Guelph Sexuality Conference

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Registration is now Open for the 2015 conference

Buck Angel Plenary Speaker

Bucking the System

Wonder what Buck Angel will be talking about at the Guelph Sexuality Conference?

Take a look!

Carla Rice Research Plenary

Bodies, Sexualities and Possibilities

Over the past 30 years, critical theorists and activists have challenged our understandings of sexed and gendered bodies. In this talk, I draw on this knowledge base t rethink puberty, sexuality, and desirability in ways that open possibilities for what bodies and sexualities can be and bcome.Dr. Carla Rice, University of Guelph

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Upcoming Dates

The conference is almost here! Join Us Thursday, June 18 & Friday, June 19th, 2015

You can register in-person at Rozanski Hall both days of the conference.